March 2014 Financial Update

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We have been on vacation for the last week, which is why I have not had any posts here and my financial update is late! We had a great trip, and it is hard to be back and headed into work! Anyway, onto the report:

For our financial goals, I will mainly be tracking three here currently: House savings, Kid savings, and Car savings. We do have some other savings goals (for example, we are saving for retirement… but that is mostly on autopilot in terms of contributing the max to a roth IRA and contributing 9% to a 401K, but I am not changing that so there is not really a need to track the balance on this site every month). So, here is how those accounts look compared to last month:

House – We just plugged along here like normal, with regular savings go into our house fund. However, through this we did reach an exciting milestone, passing the 50% mark! We jumped from 48.8% to 51.9% of the way to our goal.

Kid – We did make a little bit of progress, but it is still rather slow. I have been hoping to contribute to that with side income, and I have, but not enough to make a huge dent in the goal. We went from 4.2% to 6.4% here.

Car – Things continue on track here. We jumped from 68.0% of the way to 70.6% of the way to the goal. It does feel good that we are getting closer and closer here, and the end of relatively in sight!

Next is my income goals, and I have yet to have a big breakthrough. However, it was a steady month:

Mar IncomeWhat went well:

– We got a dividend from a dividend mutual fund we invest in… the account is relatively small (part of our house fund) but it was nice to see that boost.

– My websites did have their best month overall, but that growth is basically at a snail’s pace right now.

What to work on:

– I have one niche site that I think really could have good potential, but I just haven’t been able to get it past around the 4th page of a google search for my target keyword. I’ll be trying to decide whether to keep working on that site or to give it up and move on to a new project.

– On our trip, my wife took some really great photos. I wanted to look into selling photos online, or something of that sort. Anyone have any experience in that?

Hope everyone had a great month!

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    • I have one college basketball site, but that doesn’t make much money (though I get about 150-200 visitors a day during the season)… beyond that, I have a couple small niche sites that I’ve been trying to grow, but it has been slow coming!

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