How I Use Swagbucks To Earn Extra Cash

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You may have heard of Swagbucks, or at least sites like it. Basically it is a rewards site that allows you to get gift cards (or money in your paypal account for doing normal things that you might already be doing, such as searching the web, or playing games.

I like it because I can do it at work, when I’m on the computer all the time anyway. All I do is occasionally scroll through videos, and it slowly but surely adds up to rewards. Each month, I usually get around $25 to Amazon, and $50 to paypal (aka cash). This isn’t much, but it’s a nice little boost for something I just do here and there when I am already on the computer.

There are lots of tips out there on earning more, and I have found there to be a lot of easy ways to earn. So, all that said… have you ever or would you ever use a site like this to earn free rewards like gift cards? Or do you find sites like this to be too much work for too little payoff? I know people on both sides of that fence!

2 thoughts on “How I Use Swagbucks To Earn Extra Cash

  1. WOW- you get a lot of rewards! So far I’ve only gotten a $5 amazon gift certificate. Admittedly I don’t use swagbucks very much- only to search (and even then I sometimes forget because I use Chrome and it’s so much easier to type my question in the navigation bar!)

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