How I Handle Stress At Work

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Last week was a very stressful week of work for me.  In my industry, the 20th of the month is “settlement day,” which means that tens of millions of dollars exchange hands on that day. So, there’s a mad rush of things that happens the week before that, which can get very stressful.

It made me think about the things I do at work to try and reduce that stress level. Here are four things that I do to help reduce stress during these times:

1) Get organized (create a list) – This always helps me the most – to create a list and realize what  I actually need to get done. I can get overwhelmed if I don’t have things laid out in terms of what needs to be accomplished. Lists also help me to prioritize. This is always the first thing I do.

2) Ask for help – I am bad at this, but I am trying to learn to better ask for help. I try to do everything myself, but that usually just leads to being more overwhelmed. If there is something that somebody can help with, I try to ask, which takes a little work off my desk when needed, which is great for stress relief.

3) Think about what I’m doing it for – At work, when things get really busy, I often think about my motivations for work. Right now, that motivation is saving money so my wife and I can take a big trip around the world, and take time off to travel. When I get stressed out, I think about that, and that helps.

4) Step away – When worse comes to worse, sometimes you just have to step away and take a quick break. It can help to clear my mind and re-focus. When needed, just stepping away can have good benefits.

What do you do when you get stressed out?

4 thoughts on “How I Handle Stress At Work

  1. Making lists is a big one for me, too. I love being able to see exactly what needs to be accomplished and then checking things off. I keep a running list of general things that need to get done in my personal life, like making appointments, paying a bill, etc., and it’s really helpful. Hope this week is less stressful for you!
    Lauren recently posted…Weekly Wrap-Up #8- Signs of SpringMy Profile

  2. One of my favorite methods of dealing with work was thinking about WHY I was working! So motivational. I loved breaking it down into my daily salary and thinking that every day I was at my desk I was making that amount of money :)
    Ashley recently posted…Stop Tempting Yourself!My Profile

  3. The end of the month used to be a really hectic time at my last job. I agree with all of these methods. Prioritizing is so important, otherwise you’ll find yourself trying to multitask and never taking a breath. We worked in the basement of an office building, so just going outside for a break was energizing.

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